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Mother Honors Her Son by Donating to the Grace Center Gloucester

May 10, 2021

The Story Behind the Joshua Cookie Project


Every Wednesday Rina Cavallini drops a fresh batch of homemade cookies at the Grace Center Gloucester in memory of her son Josh. Josh Cavallini lived a life full of family, nature, traveling, writing and music. While he struggled with mental health and substance abuse, he always had a safe haven at home baking with his mom and younger brother, Luke.

Rina describes Josh as a giver. She recalls him calling her from a shelter to tell her he bought popsicles for all the other residents because it was a hot day. Kind acts like this were constant for Josh. On May 23, 2018, Josh passed away. In honor of Josh’s giving spirit, Rina started the Random Act of Kindness Project on his birthday every year. On this special day we see Josh’s ripple effect as people are tasked with completing an act of kindness, but for Rina, one day a year was simply not enough.

Inspired by the sacrifice, giving and reflection around Ash Wednesday, Rina chose to honor Josh every Wednesday by starting the Joshua Cookie Project. Now, every week Rina continues the tradition that Josh loved so much- baking cookies.


Rina noted while Josh had been to different shelters around the country, she can feel the significant impact the Grace Center has on those we serve. We are grateful for Rina and her thoughtful donation from the home baked cookies to her hand delivery each week. It has been three years since Josh passing, yet he has a lasting impact as Rina continues to help people that are going through the same struggles that Josh did.

Thank you to the Cavallini Family!



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