The Importance of Teen Volunteer Work - By Student Volunteer, Farrah


I might only be 16 years old, but I’ve learned a few lessons so far, one of them being to live everyday attempting to help others as best as I can. The reward from caring for those in need is a beautiful feeling, unlike any other. There is so much value in volunteerism, especially when many people come together in hopes of benefiting their community. Together we meet new people, learn new skills and help others improve their lives and regain stability, self-sufficiency and confidence.

Finding An Issue To Care About

In 7th grade, I was asked to research a local issue and then find an organization to volunteer that focuses on solving this problem. I wanted to educate myself on homelessness throughout the North Shore and it wasn’t long before I discovered Lifebridge. After learning more about Lifebridge, I admired everything about the organization. I was immediately inspired by their mission to meet the needs of homeless people throughout the area by solving the homeless crisis one person at a time. Most importantly, I learned Lifebridge provides both housing and supportive services for the homeless in three locations on the North Shore and I decided this was where I wanted to do my community service. Over the next year, I worked in both the Lifebridge Thrift Shop organizing donations and, in the kitchen, serving dinner.  At that time, I was by far the youngest volunteer at Lifebridge and it made me wonder why more kids my age don’t participate in community service.

Value of Volunteerism For Future Generations

Most of the volunteers at the organization are older than me and members of a generation who were taught to have compassion for others early on. Unfortunately, today’s society lacks the incentive to encourage young people to prioritize giving back to their communities. This must change if my generation truly wants to make a difference and ensure a better future. Young bodies and minds are essential for volunteerism to flourish.


Additional Information

Lifebridge North Shore is a 501(c)3 organization. Donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Tax ID# 204539306