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Clients Improving Life Skills at Lifebridge

August 1, 2019

Lifebridge North Shore is here to help our clients improve their life skills. Supportive training and programs make this possible. From “Money Matters” programs to resume building workshops, we’re committed to seeing improvement in our clients’ stability and skills building.

Education & Skill Set

Whether clients have not yet started their education, or they want to finish their education and get a job, we push them to take the next steps of setting goals and planning. When our case managers help clients with goal setting, we then help to move them along through their journey of completing these goals and getting them in a healthy, stable routine for growth and development. 

The job search can be a difficult task to go alone when people experiencing homelessness, have been out of work, or have not been utilizing their education for some time. Finding the right job for your specific situation is possible with the right assistance and support. 

Resume Building Skills

Intensive case management

Building a resume can be a challenge for anyone. We help clients to brainstorm their accomplishments and skills and list this information in a modern resume style. Finding the right job for every client’s specific situation is possible with help from our experienced team. 

Creative Writing & Critical Reading Skills

Our creative writing and reading groups get our clients in the flow of reading often and increasing literacy every day. We encourage clients to get involved with these groups to keep their minds active. Strong writing skills are valued in the workplace, and critical reading skills increase the more that you read. Book chats, longer books of interest, books in a series, and communication about clients you read and write is always encouraged at Lifebridge. 

Personal Growth & Development Skills

Guitar playing for supportive programs

Beyond education and job search, other programs help clients build life skills for personal growth and development. This means internal feelings, managing emotions, increasing motivation, and so many other skills are constantly being improved with the help of Lifebridge programs. 

If someone you know could benefit from these skills, send them to Lifebridge North Shore at any of our three locations. Call us for help if you need to ask questions or find out how to get involved.