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Finding Permanent Supportive Housing

April 10, 2019

When people are experiencing homelessness, it can be a challenge to find housing and support. Regaining control and getting things back on track can depend greatly on living conditions. Read on to see how we help individuals find permanent supportive housing  


See how we help our clients do both of these at Lifebridge North Shore.


Defining Permanent Supportive Housing housing

When we help people find permanent, supportive housing, we connect people with a safe place to live that supports all of their needs. This is a place that enables long-term growth. Individuals are able to set goals, improve essential life skills, and work to overcome obstacles.


How We Connect Clients With Housing

Finding a safe place to live is the start for most people when it comes to getting things back on track. Each goal is different among all of our clients. Whether clients are focusing on financial literacy, seeking or continuing education, or working on personal wellness, permanent housing is necessary. A stable living environment allows people to focus on building skills and moving forward.


Supportive Services For People Experiencing Homelessness

We believe that permanent housing, combined with supportive services, plays an essential role in ending homelessness. When we connect our clients with housing, we help them integrate back into routines, and live their lives comfortably and safely. Support programs allow individuals the advice and peer support they need to continue achieving their goals.


Supportive HousingHousing Offered by Lifebridge

We offer 22 units of single room occupancy housing in Salem, and five additional units in Beverly to those experiencing chronic homelessness. Tenants receive ongoing case management and have full access to all other programmatic services provided on the campus.

Boston Street Crossing Apartments

Our case management team is now on-site and available to the new residents of Boston Street Crossing, a 26-unit apartment complex for homeless men and women in partnership with Harborlight Community Partners.


If you or someone you know could benefit from more information regarding supportive permanent housing, reach out to Lifebridge North Shore. Our team will be ready to answer your questions, and point you in the right direction depending on your needs. To contact us, call any of our three locations: Seeds of Hope in Salem: (978) 744-0500, Grace Center in Gloucester: (978) 675-6240, River House in Beverly: (978) 921-1304.