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The Importance of Supportive Programs & Training

March 22, 2019

Regaining control in life can be done with the help and support of others. There are a number of programs offered by LifeBridge that greatly contribute to our clients progressing. These programs walk our clients through the stages of regaining stability. Read on to learn more about why supportive training programs are important, and how our experienced team provides the support people need.

Supportive Training Programs

What Are Supportive Programs?

Supportive training programs are interactive programs in addition to comprehensive case management for each client that visits LifeBridge. These programs at our Salem location are designed to help our clients with their own self-sufficiency, education and personal growth.

Beyond working with clients individually, based on their specific needs, these programs offer more opportunities for our clients to meet their goals.

Why Are Supportive Programs & Training Important?

Many people need support in life and don’t have access to the support they need. Many people don’t have the means of even getting help at all. When people feel alone, we are here to provide these resources to comfort, support and encourage them. These people can turn to our programs for guidance, and have people there for them to answer questions and talk.

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These programs are ways that we can constantly be offering structure and support to our clients. After overcoming obstacles, it’s not impossible, by any means, to come back from your hardships. The programs help to train our clients in the arts and in the community for an opportunity for success.

The Experienced Team to Run These Programs

Our dedicated team is here to listen to clients and support them as best as we possibly can. The LifeBridge teams work with thousands of people every day to find stability, find meals, find primary care options, and create routines of structure in their lives.

Programs Offered by LifeBridge

Our programs range from AA and NA meetings, feeling management, religious studies and support groups, to art therapy, creative writing, financial management, knitting, volunteering, and even yoga. These are just some to name a few, and you can read about all of our programs on our website.

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We help people on the North Shore overcome obstacles and achieve stability, one day at a time. If someone is not in control, LifeBridge could be the support they need to get on track and to keep moving forward.


If someone you know is in need of our services, send them to Lifebridge North Shore. To contact us, reach us at any of our three locations: Seeds of Hope in Salem: (978) 744-0500 Grace Center in Gloucester: (978) 675-6240 River House in Beverly: (978) 921-1304.