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World Smile Day: Share a Random Act of Kindness

October 4, 2019

Did you know that the first Friday in October is World Smile Day? What makes it even more special is that the idea was started right here in Massachusetts!

Harvey Ball was a commercial artist in Worcester, Massachusetts who created the smiley face in 1963 as a symbol of “goodwill and cheer”. However, the meaning gradually got lost over time, so Ball established a day dedicated to the original message so that people wouldn’t forget. And, just like that, World Smile Day began! A day focused on smiles and acts of kindness.

There are many small acts of kindness you can share with people experiencing homelessness, so join us today and share a smile or one of these great ideas!

Buy a Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate

This may be tough, we know, but give up your coffee for just one day and put the money toward a drink for our friends on the streets. Hot chocolate is always a good option, particularly in the colder months, because it offers warmth and sustenance.

If you’re feeling especially generous, why not also add a pastry or bagel to your order?

Create a Care Package

We all have toiletries laying around the house from hotels and Christmas gift sets. Take a look and see whether there are any you can put aside to go in a basket.

You could also include toothpaste, a toothbrush, a beanie hat, gloves, heat pads, baby wipes, granola bars, and water.

Share a Smile!

Smiling dog

A daily challenge for people living on the streets is when passers-by act like they’re not there. A simple smile to acknowledge them, believe it or not, can make the greatest difference!

If you have the time and are more on the extroverted side, why not stop for a brief conversation – ask them how they are, and offer to buy them a drink or something to eat?

Volunteer with Lifebridge

We have a range of services for volunteers to get involved with across Salem, Beverly, and Gloucester. You can work within our kitchens, provide a workshop, help out the Lifebridge Thrift Shop and more.

Donate to Lifebridge

We understand that time can be sparse when you have a job and family members to care for, so if you don’t have time to help the homeless in person, you could send a donation to Lifebridge. We provide a wealth of services to help the homeless get back on their feet and off the streets of the North Shore.

Acts of kindness for your friends, family, and neighbors

Family photo

Take your kind acts with you wherever you go and don’t just limit them to World Smile Day!

Here are some more great ideas for you to share with the world:

  • Leave extra money in the parking meter
  • Compliment a parent and let them know you love them!
  • Share a positive and inspiring message on social media
  • Write a note of appreciation to a friend in need
  • Carve an encouraging message into your pumpkins
  • Adopt your next pet from an animal shelter
  • Find more random acts of kindness ideas here

If you want to learn more about Lifebridge’s services and volunteering opportunities, get in touch – we’d love to talk with you.