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Guidance Through Intensive Case Management

April 15, 2019

Support through communication and working with others is important. When clients come to a Lifebridge location, they can receive case management for whatever struggles they are facing.

Our case managers are equipped to work with clients facing a variety of obstacles.


Goals Of Case ManagementIntensive case management

The goals of each client are different in each case. Recognizing these differences allows our case managers to make our clients feel comfortable, assess their situation, and properly guide them based on their needs.


Case managers work closely with clients to receive adequate and regular healthcare, financial stability, sobriety, ongoing support, and the development of essential life skills.


Every Case is Particular & Specific

We don’t treat every case the same. When people don’t have the support or peer guidance they need in order to grow and reflect, we help them get to where they need to be. Talking, communicating, and recognizing a network of people who care can be life-changing. Our goal through case management is to help our clients achieve stability and self-sufficiency by mapping out their own goals. Each case is unique to each person.


Where To Receive Case Management on the North Shore

Our intensive case management services are provided at all three of our Lifebridge locations. Seeds of Hope in Salem, Grace Center in Gloucester, and River House in Beverly all offer meals 24/7.


Measuring The Small SuccessesCase management at Lifebridge

Even small successes are meaningful. Celebrating small successes is a great way to stay motivated, and is vital to recognizing self-growth. It makes our case managers proud to see how far our clients have come and to see that our assistance is helping people along their journey to ending homelessness.


Thousands of people have been able to find stability while interacting with Lifebridge. Whether we’re helping people eat three healthy meals a day, find a primary care physician, or obtain an identification card, these things matter. Even the smallest accomplishments are always noteworthy.


If you would like to learn more about Lifebridge North Shore and the services we offer, reach out to any of our three locations: Seeds of Hope in Salem: (978) 744-0500, Grace Center in Gloucester: (978) 675-6240, River House in Beverly: (978) 921-1304.