River House was formed in response to the chronic need for emergency-shelter services for homeless individuals in the greater Beverly and North Shore area.

River House: Women’s Homeless Shelter

Our Mission at River House in Beverly

In September 2016, Lifebridge North Shore acquired the River House to address the pressing issue of homelessness in the Beverly and North Shore areas. Beginning in September 2023, River House was converted into a women’s shelter and now serves vulnerable women in Beverly and on the North Shore by providing emergency shelter services, programming, case management, and permanent housing.

Services We Offer

Emergency Shelter Services

Our team at River House provides emergency shelter services for homeless women. Our attention is focused on offering vulnerable women a safe space. At River House, you’ll find new flooring, a renovated kitchen, and up to 20 beds.

Case Management

Case Management is the process of following a patient-centered, multi-disciplinary approach to problem-solving. At River House, our case management services focus on helping every woman who enters our doors receive all the resources they need from housing, food, medical care, and more. We strive every day to make sure voices are heard and needs are met.

Supportive Services and Programming

In addition to emergency shelter services and case management, we offer programs for women to creatively express themselves. With our following programs like art therapy, Women’s Way (a recovery group), and Healthy Relationships (education on building relationships), we help individuals work through their trauma and abuse in healthy ways.

Health Insurance Applications

Individuals who face homelessness have the right to receive proper medical care. Our case management staff will help women in need fill out health insurance applications to make sure they are receiving active medical care.

Housing Applications & Referrals

We have five units of supportive permanent housing for formerly homeless adults who identify as women. Our team will help individuals complete housing applications and referrals for safe and supportive housing at River House and beyond.

River House Contact and Hours

If you have any questions about River House and our services, find more information on our website or call us at 978-921-1304.

Sunday – Closed
Monday – 8:00am – 5:00pm
Tuesday – 8:00am – 5:00pm
Wednesday – 8:00am – 5:00pm
Thursday – 8:00am – 5:00pm
Friday – 8:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday – Closed

Located at 56 River Street, Beverly, MA 01915


Emergency-Shelter Services

Our emergency shelter services in Beverly, MA provide resources to homeless women when urgently needed.

Case Management

Our tailored case management services are available to every woman who comes through our doors.

Supportive Services & Programming

River House offers programming to help our women creatively express themselves and work through challenges like trauma and abuse. Such things include art therapy, Women’s Way (recovery group) and Healthy Relationships (education on boundaries and building relationships with partners, friends, and families).

Health Insurance Applications

Our case management staff will help those in need to fill out the proper health insurance applicants to maintain active medical care.

Housing Application & Referrals

Our River House provides aid in filling out housing applications, and referrals for safe and supportive housing.

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