A Point of Entry:

We have pioneered a new application of an old idea – the “drop-in center”. The Grace Center is a HUB, a single point of entry where we welcome low-income adults in need of support and services and offer referrals to our partner agencies for mental health and substance abuse treatment, medical care, job training, housing, and more.

Our Work has been Warmly Received by the City of Gloucester:

We provide safety for our guests, breakfast and lunch, and a well developed intake process that connects guests to services according to their individual needs. Our multi-faceted program has resulted in better care for the people we serve and a reduction in the use of emergency services, easing the burden and cutting the costs for the city and local health care providers.

Our Model Works:

Thanks to a dedicated group of over 100 volunteers, we have created a “Center of Compassion” for Cape Ann – and YOU, our donors, are part of the TEAM.