Downtown Salem, MA

September 20, 2019

There is much beauty and culture in the hub that is downtown Salem, MA. With the train station leading further up north towards Rockport, and south towards Boston and the South Shore, you can get anywhere you need to go from Salem, MA. When you’re here, you’re tucked away little city just North of Boston. 

When we think of Salem, there are a few characteristics that stand out to us. The waterfront areas, the history, and the unique aesthetic of downtown is truly special. Salem is home to some of the most beautiful and historically accurate landmarks. Theres so much history here, and the downtown area is booming with the busy fall season. 

Check out some of these awesome locations and events in Salem that represent the beauty, rich history and culture, and maritime charm of the city:

Peabody Essex Museum

The PEM is a world renowned contemporary art museum located on Essex St. in Salem, MA.

Pedestrian Way

The Pedestrian Way on Essex St features unmatched shops, restaurants, bars, and so much to do in Salem, MA.

Annual Salem Arts & Film Festival

The Arts & Film Fest is one of the ways Salem gathers local creatives together. 

Artist’s Row

Artists Row is home to artisans and craft shops for some local artists. It’s also always happening with the Farmer’s Market and ongoing festivals throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

Salem Maritime National Historic Site

View the beautiful Salem waterfront with the Salem Maritime National Historic site on Derby St. Check out the sailing charters, and historic boats that tour around the harbor. 

Salem Willows

The Salem Willows is an oceanfront park and neighborhood located near downtown Salem, MA. 

Though these are just a few interesting aspects of downtown Salem, they represent the culture of the city extremely well. The city of Salem is home to a community of caring and giving individuals. We’re extremely thankful for the artists, community members, and town workers that contribute to these events and locations. 

Without the beautiful population of local residents and visitors alike, Salem wouldn’t be where it is today. Residents are always willing to help others, and support those struggling with stability or self-sufficiency. 

Salem residents will give everything they have to spare for people in the area experiencing homelessness. Residents are givers– always donating to Lifebridge thrift shop and the community meals programs. They’re always dropping change into the cups of those situated downtown, and residents are understanding about the epidemic. 

The more we are coming together to help, the easier it will be to make progress. Without each other, we are nothing! Reach out to Lifebridge North Shore locations to see how you can learn more, and get involved today. 


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