Spring Support & Renewal With Our Clients

May 15, 2019

During the springtime, some of our clients come to Lifebridge seeking renewal, support, and assistance in achieving self-sufficiency. As the spring brings about these feelings, there are a few ways we help our clients to achieve this at Lifebridge.


Gardening at the Seeds of Hope GardenHope rock in garden with flowers

Our community meals program not only offers breakfast lunch and dinner 24/7, but it provides people with an opportunity to get involved with regaining control. When people are inspired to regain control during the spring, this starts with nutrition and basic health. Our garden at our Seeds of Hope location allows our clients to get involved and start to care about their nutrition, diet, and intake.


Volunteers & kitchen staff incorporate freshly harvested produce into meals from the Seeds of Hope Garden. Everyone loves being able to see their hard work fruit when tending to the garden. This allows people to be proud of their decisions and progress, and what better way to show growth and new opportunity than planting new life?


The Seeds of Hope garden is positive reinforcement for our clients when working on health and sustainability. Residents are more inclined to make healthy eating choices, which improve their nutritional intake, as they feel a strong sense of pride and accomplishment after working in the Seeds of Hope Garden.

Our Supportive Programs & Traininggroup picnic

We offer gardening as a program at Lifebridge! In addition to comprehensive case management, Lifebridge offers a variety of programs at our Salem location to help our clients with their own self-sufficiency, education, and personal growth. These programs are a great way in which clients find success with kickstarting their journeys of spring renewal. One of the most popular programs during the spring is the gardening program, where clients get to be creative and hands-on in the Seeds of Hope garden.


We’re constantly helping clients start fresh, whether it’s the spring season or any time of the year. We try to host our programs outdoors as often as possible when it’s nice out. Our Seeds of Hope garden acts as a metaphor for our approach to achieving sustainability, renewal, and personal growth. When you put in the effort, and you work towards your goals every day, you will see your progress flourish.


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